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Welcome to the Shelf Depot, your home for custom pull out shelves

pullout shelving and kitchen cabinet accessories for organizing your kitchen, pantry and bathroom cabinets

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Shelf Depot is proud to offer some of the finest pull-out shelves available. We started manufacturing pullout shelves 20 years ago and we are still offering the same high quality sliding shelving that we offered in 1992. Although we were one of the first companies to offer pull out shelves we did not invent rolling shelving. Kitchen Cabinet makers have been installing slide out shelves in one form or another for centuries. It does not matter whether you call them rollouts, pullouts, slide outs or whatever. The reality is they are just short sided kitchen drawers. I remember back when I was a child my mother had a cardboard box to keep cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink making her own rollout shelf. Of course the custom rollout shelves we make are a far cry from that cardboard box but the intent is the same. Now my mother has a caddy shelf under her sink. A caddyshelf is a second tier shelf that attaches or is built into the lower sliding shelf. They work for cleaning supplies in the kitchen and makeup in the bathroom. Why get down on your hands and knees to reach into the back of the cabinet to get that pot or pan when they can slideout to you. This is not a big kitchen remodel project. A professional can install a shelf in your kitchen, panty or bathroom cabinet in as little as five minutes. You can even do it your self but that might take a little longer at least for the first shelf. Please take a tour of our website and see what we have to offer. You can contact us to find a pull out shelf installer in your area or you can do it yourself

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