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PullOut Shelf Construction

Top quality materials, hardware, quality design and old world craftsmanship

The 1/4" medium density fiberboard bottom has a vinyl coating on it which holds up well to pots and pans, provides the friction needed to keep items in place and is is easy to clean with a damp cloth. All shelves over 24" wide receive a plywood support strip to further reinforce the shelf bottom. The bottom is not just nailed to the bottom of the shelf. There is a dado (a slot) cut into the front, back and both sides and the bottom is glued into this slot. The corners of the shelves use a rabbet joint to provide the support and glue area required for a strong drawer. The average consumer is not familiar with the rabbet joint and often think that a dovetail joint is superior. The reality is that dovetail joints are for drawers built from solid hardwood. Hardwood will split when you put a nail or screw too close to the end. The dovetail joint solved this as there is no screws or nails used to assemble the dovetail joint. With today's hardwood plywood and vastly superior adhesives the dovetail joint is just a sales tool that some pull out shelf companies use. After 20 years of building shelves

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